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Improving therapy adherence
by bridging the gap between
the patient and the health system


Client: Compliance Srl is a company based in Florence, Tuscany, that specialises in patient care tools, clinical trial processes and data quality and transparency. Their goal is to achieve a better quality of life for patients and a better quality of Clinical trials as well as lowering the costs of the trial itself. We have helped them to design and develop a mobile App for the patients that could integrate with their trial ecosystem like the therapy reminder platform.

Services: Project Analysis - UX/UI design - Frontend and Backend development

  • Technology:
achief HR tool
achief HR tool

Our Goal

Our aim was to project and develop the right UX and UI for a mobile App that could help the patients of a specific trial to interact with their doctors whilst at the same time becoming a useful tool for those everyday tasks associated to the trial. All the data provided and gathered by the App had to be synchronized with the main platform database in order to create a real time continuous flow of information between the doctors and their patients.

Create an App that connects
patients to their doctors and helps
organising their daily tasks


UX/UI design - Study and design of the entire flow of navigation of the App and its tools and determination of all the essential interactions for a clear and easy usage by the patient

App development - Implementation of the mockups into an iOS and Android App using React Native.

Integration with the Platform - Two ways data integration between the App and the main platform in order to gather information and have it ready at all time on both ends


Two ways data integration
Between the App and the main platform

HuCare in detail

Hucare desktop SaaS platform allows a Research Team to easily setup a new Trial and associate doctors and patients to it. It also also makes it possible to setup rules, calendars of visits, reminders of medicines to take and questionnaires to fill in order to have a complete and constant photography of each patient evolution.

In terms of design, we opted for a clean, minimal approach in order to guide the experience as much as possible and avoid distraction. The amount of informations we had to manage was extensive and we wanted to allow the user/patient to easily access and organise them.

The Hucare mobile App integrates with this desktop platform and allows each patient of a trial to be in touch with his/her designated doctor and have a quick and updated look at the full list of tasks associated to his/her account. It works both as an agenda and as a medical file. The App helps displaying all the actions associated to the patient and trough a complete notifications system it keeps him/her updated and in control of his/her to do list and progresses.

They have been a valuable
partner in developing our
vision of the platform

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