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Client: Ubimaior Italia is a leading boat components producer based in Italy and specialised in high quality products for both cruising and racing boats.

Services: UX/UI design - Development - Centralised catalogue and order system

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Our Goal

To present high tech boat components like design objects. This is the main idea that guided us through the redesign of the company's public website using a clean and organised layout. We wanted the clients to focus on the quality of Ubimaior's lines of products. At the same time we have been tasked with the project and creation of an integrated system that could allow Ubimaior Italia to easily manage their catalogue and their clients, agents and resellers activity around the world during the daily sales process.

Showing the beauty of
high tech boat components


Idea and Research - Analysis of the current production systems; Definition of the automation criteria and benefits; identification of the best dev tech.

Prototype - We have developed a functioning prototype for the client.

Ux - Context analysis, usage flow design, prototyping and testing.

Development - DB structure, using React Js, beta testing and release.

Digitally manage all
aspects of a sale

Cataloguer in detail

The Cataloguer is a platform designed and developed by Meetico that allows Ubimaior Italia to manage all aspects of an online sale.
It allows Ubimaior to quickly create a public online catalogue and have it always up to date. It also allows to create personalized catalogues to be sent to specific clients with special settings: discounts, bundles of products, special VAT, etc.

This system allows Ubimaior Italia that extra flexibility which is important in order to convert a potential customer into a fully satisfied client.

The Cataloguer is a tool that allows managing users such as Resellers, Agents and registered Clients. It allows these users to work with and for Ubimaior Italia in the easiest and most direct way possible. Thanks to its own sets of grants, each user type has the possibility to unlock certain features of the Cataloguer and work directly on the catalogue available to them.

This platform features a tool that allows Ubimaior Italia's Agents or any Resellers's Agent to attend events and fairs and show a list of predefined catalogues to potential clients and easily convert a first contact into a pre-sale. All the process has been analysed and developed to be optimised for both tablets and mobile usage, allowing the pre-sale to be made independently from the device available at the moment.

All this process is connected to the main Cataloguer so that either the authorized Reseller or Ubimaior Italia will always be updated on what pre-sales have been made, when and by what Agent.

Since the very beginning
we felt confident that we were
going to have a great product

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